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Originally Posted by Satalite View Post
Okay so I would only need small pieces (~40$) + computer (400$) + install. You already have the stock bulbs that I could use? And I can re-use my current turn signal lights.

Would I need special ballasts?
No special ballast is required. It is not listed anywhere in the list of OEM parts related to lighting, and the control unit takes care of all the xenon related stuff versus the halogen lights which do not require the special control unit.

If you look at the D1S Bulb:

You see that the bulbs themselves have their own ballast attached anyway. This is the exact same unit as stock, except it has a 6000K pure white color, versus the stock 4300K yellowish whiteish color.

That color is what I upgraded to (that you can get from e-92 lighting, philips, or even amazon) and it fits perfectly

What you see on those links is literally everything related to the xenon lighting system and everything you need other than the reprogramming, and a lot of it is included and already installed into the headlight housing (motor, random grommets, etc).

i have the stock H3 and H8 bulbs (or I could give you the GP thunder H8 bulbs for a whiter look on the halo rings), the turn signals are indeed the same, i just checked, and you'd just need the low/highbeam D1S bulb for each side.

So you could get these from me, buy the control units (2 for 400 bucks), and have the dealership take care of the random bits and pieces (cheap) and install/reprogram and you'd be set

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