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Originally Posted by RPM90

Sounds as if the article is discussing pre synthetic BMW's, thus not modern BMWs.

And then there is this tidbit:
BMWs, and most modern cars, will run 100,000 miles just fine with zero maintenance.

Really? So, any car will run "just fine" if one does "zero" maintenance for 100k miles?
I do not agree. Try not changing your engine oil and air filter for 100k miles, and let's see how long, or how well, it will run.
But, use your car for that test. I'll refrain from trying it on mine.
BMW nor any other car maker recommend a zero maintenance interval.You can agree and side with an article that states a zero maintenance plan will allow your car to run just fine for 100k miles.
I'll continue to question why anyone would even say that.

Well, having been a licenced tech for 15 years (Honda/Acura), I have seen quite the variety in maintenance on vehicles.

I have actually seen several cases where owners truly followed the "zero" maintenance schedule. That included oil changes. Most of them honestly did not realize that they had to do oil changes if you can believe it.

Well, surprisingly, all of these no oil change cars lasted between 60 and 70,000 km before the engine seized. I was actually quite surprised they lasted that long. And these were cars that called for oil changes at either 6000 or 8000 km.

Bet they would have lasted 100,000 km if they had done even one oil change.

But I still change the oil in my own cars every 5000 km, and use a Group V synthetic by Motul.

Just keeping the topic lively.