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Originally Posted by 1seriesis View Post
I have gone about 600+ miles over the post break in. I know I read earlier of this post owners talk about the 1200 post break in oil change. Is that required for "is"? After consulting with my CA, he said it is not required for this vehicle. What's your take on this those of you who have done at least the oil/filter for the post break in? Is there any harm for not doing it? Also, what have you guys paid for just the filter? I was quoted $250 for just the oil and filter. Any advice is much appreciated.
$250 is RIDICULOUS. Most of us are paying about $70-90 for a post break-in oil change at the dealer. I'd suggest going to a different dealer or just check the dealer's website for service specials/coupons. Usually they will have for $69.95 or $79.95, though a few are $89.95 or $99.95. They also won't usually have a 1-series listed, but it's all the same as a 3-series, so that's the coupon most of us use. That is all for just your basic oil and filter change, not tranny or diff.