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Hi Guys,

I have been debating this spare tire/fiasco thing - too! I really am leaning towards buying an extra 17x7J wheel and getting a cheap 205/55HR17 summer tire to go with it.

Maybe I can find a nice aftermarket wheel in 17x6j and go with a 195/65HR17 ? Does that size even exist>?

When you look on RealOEM, there is a mini spare listed for the euro 130i e87.

here it is--->

RealOEM also shows a spare tire option for the US 135i too!!! WTF!!!

for the 135i:

Set emergency wheel with tyre 125/80R17 part # 36110443369
it does not show a price though I suspect its around $200, plus core ???

...for me, it makes NO SENSE carrying around a spare tire that can only be driven on for 100 miles or so. I want a REAL spare tire in the smallest size available. That means a 17 inch wheel to clear the 135's front brakes. I want something to drive on for a week or two until I can find/buy a replacement tire!

I believe the Tischer spare kit is from a e60 550i. Take a look at this link--->

Has anyone bought these wheels?

BLACK STEEL EMERGENCY WHEEL 5JX18 ET:14 36116768861 $79.92
or this one?
BLACK STEEL EMERGENCY WHEEL 3.50BX17 ET:30 36116750007 $61.00

Q#1). What is the offset we need to clear our front brakes? I am think ET14 ???

Q#2). Does anyone make real normal tires in these small narrow sizes? 125/80R17

I think IF all else fails, I will just buy a steel 17 winter wheel from a 130i (or e46 M3) or a aftermarket RIAL six spoke whee (both in 17x7J size) and then buy a 205/55HR 17 summer tire. Any thoughts?

BLACK STEEL EMERGENCY WHEEL 3.50BX17 ET:30 1 36116750007 $61.00 +core

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