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Originally Posted by raiyo View Post
just took a gamble and ordered a steel wheel with tire from Bavarian. Space saver size is 4Bx17 ET:18. Comes with tire and cost me $189 shipped.

Will give you guys update once I get the package.
The spare tire came a few days ago and finally got the time to test fit the spare tire. The spare came with only a thin layer of shrink wrap with 2 cardboard on each side of the wheel protecting the rim. The tire was brand new and stuff have it rubber stubs. It didn't come inflated, so I pumped up the PSI to 40 (gave it some extra so it won't go flat on me when I need it while sitting in the trunk).

My initial look of the spare, it looked huge and didn't look like a 17", but its marked in the tire and spare. The spare tire fits fine on my 128i front (stock height). I have about 1" gap between the brake caliper. With the spare in the trunk, there is still plenty of space. The spare weighed in at 33 LBS (based on UPS shipping tag).