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Originally Posted by Acidblast View Post
bmw13 thanks for clearing that up. I would go check my car but I have it stored away for the winter. Once the weather is nicer I will definitely check it out. It makes sense that since you had it painted satin black that it would stand out more.

I was browsing the owner's thread to find pics of the headlights and came across these pics which looks like the bottom of the outer ring is lighted up. I hope the owners don't mind I borrowed their pics.

bmw13 once again thanks for the response and for clearing up my confusion. This is a mod that is at the top of my list.
Ahh, a stored 1er...such a special site to see! My friend has his VO in storage and I get taken back everytime I see it! Although you miss out on driving it, do not feel left out! Your 1er is waiting for you to driver her, and hard at that! Those pictures you shared are prime/ perfect examples, and thanks for doing so! I too hope they do not mind but, regardless we all need to remember that this is a place where we help one another! I am surprised to see how much the chrome reflects light off, it really does appear to almost be connected until you give it that extra good look! Thanks again for sharing!
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