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Originally Posted by Sw4y1313 View Post
Any idea what the flex fuel wires actually do? I can't find any information on them aside from "if you want to run e85, you need the flex fuel wires".

This was on the Procede website for the N54, but I am guessing it is the exact same thing.

What Is It?
The heart of our Flex-Fuel module is a Siemens Fuel Composition/Temp sensor. This sensor intercepts into the factory fuel supply line using the supplied plug-and-play push-in fuel hoses. It is firmly secured to your inner fender using a supplied mount. The sensor's output signal feeds into the PROcede's Flex-Fuel signal input via plug-and-play harness. By monitoring this sensor's signal output, the PROcede is able to detect the precise amount of ethanol in the fuel. With this valuable information, the PROcede is able to alter fuel, ignition timing and boost settings accordingly to achieve ideal combustion and power. Also included in the package is a PROcedeFlash DME update that eliminates various fuel/ignition restrictions present in the factory DME code.

Why Is It Important?
Unlike the gasoline formulations available at fuel stations across the country, E85 formational varies significantly depending on time of year and geographic location. This means that the actual ethanol content of E85 can be as low as 70% or as high as 90% depending on these external variables. And since ethanol is the component that is largely responsible for in-cylinder cooling and knock suppression, it is critical for the tuning solution to know actual ethanol content in order to proactively adjust fuel, ignition and boost curves accordingly. It is no surprise that all OEM FlexFuel vehicles around the world are equipped with the same or similar sensors.

What Kind of Performance Gains Should I Expect?
On a n54 powered BMW running nothing more than a set of dual cone intakes, expect gains of approximately 140WHP and 140LB-FT when running with an ethanol mixture of at least 60% (approximately 50% E85 and 50%
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