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Originally Posted by Mr Kleen
I upgraded my JB interface but the firmware is still the same version as I have. I'm not ready to do the ISO update, at least not while it's still marked "beta."

I switched to map 2 the other day. It feels stronger but also has a worse (lumpier) idle. I'll try to do some logging this weekend if I can get my buddy to ride along. Any tips for doing logging runs with a DCT?
Put a little wood block behind your pedal so you don't get the downshift. Log from 2k to 7k in 3rd gear, but that may be difficult on our fastbahns. 4th will work. After the pull is complete and you stopped the log(F2), export an image and .CSV. Post up the image and CSV and I can give you a virtual dyno pic if you like and look at the log.