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Originally Posted by mozman View Post

My previous car, a '07 335i, had this loud valve lifter ticking from the engine at idle. It didn't matter if the car was cold or warm, if I let it run at idle for a few moments it started ticking. BMW could never figure out what was wrong or if anything was wrong so I lived with it.

A couple of months ago I sold that car and got a 1M instead. Now this damn car is making the same noise...

So my question to you... Is anyone else experiencing the same noise? Is it normal? I know that some injector ticking is but this is much louder.

My current 1M.

My previous 335i. (Sorry about the VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome) :-))
I think you and I may have the same noise.

I just uploaded a video I took the other night here:

Description: Video taken of my 1M's N54 motor after a 30 minute drive (fully warmed up, A/C off entire drive). I heard the noise as I pulled into the driveway, popped the hood, and pulled my phone out. The noise I am trying to track down is the one that disappears at the 5 second mark. This noise is much louder than the typical ticking noise of a direct injection motor. Right as the noise goes away the engine sounds like it is switching to/from something, similar to an A/C compressor switching on/off (again, A/C was off during this video).

In your 335 video, it appears that the sound goes away at the 38 second mark, correct? Are you just guessing that the noise is coming from the valve train? If so, what makes you think that?

Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Both the N54 and N55 engines will make a ticking noise. The sound IS normal. It is from the direct injection. The fuel injectors are under very high system pressure and make some noise, like a diesel does, sort of. IF you think it is bad just run the engine with the plastic valve cover off (like when changing spark plugs) - and you will be shocked by how loud our engines are.

For the 135i's BMW has come out with a SW update for people like you who complain about this injector noise. And it does work - but it also guts the performance of the car. adds lots of turbo "lag" and believe me you do not want that. Some have said that just last week BMW has a new "fix" for this added lag. Because once BMW updates your SW there is no back dating it to a previous SW version. So you are stuck with the latest SW on your car.

Most people who encounter this new SW update with the "lag" end up getting BMW to give them a free PPK or a half price deal. But there is no PPK for the 1M.

Maybe BMW will also offer this SW for the 1M in time. Who knows. But then you would need to buy a M2 to fix that SW update(lag).
Dackel, check out the video I just uploaded. I think there is a distinction between the usual direct injection noise and this particular noise. Let me know what you think.