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Thanks for your replies.

Originally Posted by ///M1
I had quite a bit of ticking on my '08 135i. Took it to the dealer, turns out there was a recall on certain cars that had fuel injectors off a bad/faulty batch. They replaced 4 of them (dealer based it on their serial numbers and determined if they were from said batch). Noise went away. No such issues on the 1///M.
Had my injectors replaced (or at least what my dealer told me...) on my 335 and it didn't solve the problem.

Originally Posted by flzrider View Post
Description: Video taken of my 1M's N54 motor after a 30 minute drive (fully warmed up, A/C off entire drive). I heard the noise as I pulled into the driveway, popped the hood, and pulled my phone out. The noise I am trying to track down is the one that disappears at the 5 second mark. This noise is much louder than the typical ticking noise of a direct injection motor. Right as the noise goes away the engine sounds like it is switching to/from something, similar to an A/C compressor switching on/off (again, A/C was off during this video).
Sounds exactly what I'm experiencing.

Originally Posted by flzrider View Post
In your 335 video, it appears that the sound goes away at the 38 second mark, correct?
Yes that is correct. The sound can last from minutes to just a few seconds. If I apply a little throttle it goes away for a few seconds and then comes back.

Originally Posted by flzrider View Post
Are you just guessing that the noise is coming from the valve train? If so, what makes you think that?
Just a guess and what I've been told by other people guessing...

Originally Posted by flzrider View Post
Dackel, check out the video I just uploaded. I think there is a distinction between the usual direct injection noise and this particular noise. Let me know what you think.
The injector ticking is there and I know that is normal but this is x 10 louder.

I spoke to another dealer today and they also told me that this is normal but I have a hard time accepting that on a $70k car.