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Originally Posted by Hambone View Post
Didn't see any v718's with modified suspension on here, so here's mine.

Wheels - VMR v718 Gunmetal

Front: 18x8.5 +35
Spacer: None

Rear: 18x9.5 +45
Spacer: None

Tires - Hankook Ventus V12
Front: 225/40
Rear: 255/35

Suspension/Fender Mods/Camber:
AST 5100 Coilovers, 400lb springs front, 800lb rear, lowered ~1 inch
~2.5˚ Negative Camber up front with 1/4" Toe-Out
~2˚ Negative Camber in the Rear with 3/16" Toe-In

With someone else in the car I get a slight rub in the rear on big dips. The front wheels only just barely clear the struts by a few millimeters, but the tires have at least a quarter-inch of clearance from the spring height adjuster, so no rubbing. I believe with 245's in the rear there would be no rub, but you're losing performance and also have a stretched looking tire which I'm not a fan of. The same rear wheels with an offset of 50 would have been a better choice. The vehicle is sitting on an incline in the photo which is why the rear appears lower than the front. I chose these offsets with my suspension modifications and camber settings in mind, with this wheel/tire choice being for daily driving, not the track. Track wheels coming soon.

Attachment 727774
Attachment 727775
Attachment 727776
Attachment 727777

This is what I was looking for!

I have a chance to get a free set of VMR's with these specs and I was wondering if they would fit or not.

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