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Drives: 2011 335is
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miss my 2008 135i

Traded it in for a 335is, which I really like, but miss the loveable mutt styling of my gray 135. Performance not that different from my IS; I think the IS puts its power down a little bit better, no wheel hop.

This was is my winter set up. Still have it. Thinking I'll get my daughter a 128 when she starts driving and put these on it.

Wheels: Volk Racing RE30

Front and Rear: 18" x 8.5" (not sure of offset, but cleared those big front calipers easily)
Spacer: none

Front and Rear: Pirelli Sottozeros (whatever TireRack said to get)

Suspension/Fender Mods/Camber: None

Notes: Square set up made car look less butch from behind, but filled front wells nicely with no rubbing. Turn-in was a little better than stock staggered set up. Never measured, but lighter weight made care feel more lively and handle bumps better, even with run flat winter tires. Never missed work because of snow, even when NYC decided not to plow side streets.