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Originally Posted by ///MonsterNtheMaking View Post
even though I informed them of their mistake and the sales guy pushed the contract through anyway? I told him he was wrong in the sales tax and he neglected to change it, but they want to now?

If I'm being unreasonable I'll accept it and move on, just a frustrating situation being told I must pay more after the loan paperwork was completed and signed by both parties. The salesman knew the correct tax amount when I informed him of it on 3 different occasions, is that not neglect and a bad deal on their part? Does changing numbers within a contract void it? I believe so according to what I know/learned in school

If he was wrong on the sales tax, why would you sign the contract? Did you read the back of the contract? I wouldn't be surprised if it included some clause severing the sales transaction from your tax/title obligations.

But, like your BMV said, they shouldn't have even charged you sales tax anyway, because the State still has its hand out, TO YOU. So, your only recourse would probably be that the dealer gives you back the sales tax that they collected.

I'm not a lawyer, and contact law loophole legalities aside, you negotiated the price of the car, not the state tax rate. The ethical thing would be for you to just pay up and enjoy the car.