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Passenger Window Woes

Hey all,

About 3 months ago my passenger window decided to act up and would not stay at the top of the track when I wanted to close it. I brought my 1er into BMW and they re-initialized the window. That resolved the issue... temporarily!. About 3-4 weeks later, it happened again! When I brought it back in, they decided the root cause of the malfunction was a bad window motor. They replaced the motor (3-5 days later) and that fixed the issue... Or so I thought.

Now, last week (2-3 months after initial issue) it has started to act up again. This time, I am out of BMW warranty... I called my BMW tech and he mentioned that if the window motor has failed again, then they will replace under "BMW Parts Warranty." If it is another component, they will NOT cover it. In addition, they will not cover the diagnostic fees.

I'm getting slightly irritated with this whole situation. Obviously the root cause was NOT the window motor or it wouldn't have re-occured. I think I have had it with BMW Dealers...

Any advice or DIY fixes?

/End rant.

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