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G'day from down under

After picking up my 1M almost two months ago I've had a couple of gripes with the leather quality on the seats (I posted a few pics on the Aussie forums) and also a couple of bumps behind the steering wheel, but have come to terms with it since being repeatedly told that it's a "natural material" and will therefore never be perfect by BMW. I was told that I should buy a Rolls Royce if I wanted anything with better quality (Please keep in mind I paid over $100,000k USD for this car though). Being a fairly busy guy, I let it go.

I've now done 1000kms in the car, and these bumps on the steering wheel are driving me insane . They're right behind the right spoke of the steering wheel, exactly where I have my third and fourth finger (because I drive properly ) so I'm constantly touching them and so constantly reminded of them. I would have thought that BMW could at least get the steering wheel right. It really detracts from the car, especially on mundane drives to work where there's nothing to distract me from it. I considered just replacing the steering wheel, but that'll cost me at least $1000.

Is there any case I can put towards BMW Australia? Is there anything wrong with your M steering wheel?
The BMW Performance wheel with blue stripe costs 1k there!!!

While I wish BMW had gone with a "sportier" style wheel (flat bottom, alcantara matching the cars trim etc.) it is a really sweet wheel. I have since purchased a BMWPerf (non powered) wheel because well.... Its sweeter