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Originally Posted by Traf View Post
Would a 80Ah battery fit the 1M rear compartment ?
Just changed my battery and used my Carly adapter to register it. The battery class size is H or 48 I believe. OEM is 760 CCA AND 70AH.

there is plenty of space for a wider battery although I don't know if there are additional securing spots in the bottom tray to secure it.
Additionally you would need to ditch the little fix a flat inflator and storage cubby that's in the battery well next to the battery.

If you are going to go with a 80AH battery definitely make sure code the car so the car will charge the battery according to its specifications as well as registering the new battery so that the car charges it as a new device. I took a screen shot of the reading before changing the battery.

I've attached a few photos of the bottom of the well and the coding. I was able to find a battery with nearly identical specs so I registered as the same type.
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