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Originally Posted by uneekvisions View Post
+1 for this thread!

I went to a local dealership here in Austin with a friend that was looking at one of their cars, and one of the salesmen walks up to my friend and I as we are getting out of the car and proceeds to state:

Sales guy: "Hey guy's what brings you in today? BTW, Man that is a sick M3, why do you want to sell it?"

Me: "I don't"

Sales guy: "Well BMW really knows how to build a car."

Me: Nods my head and smiles. "Yes, yes they do."

I didn't have the heart to correct him. This car has a much better case of mistaken identity than my old S2000, with that car I constantly got:

random person: "Hey man nice Miata!" or "I have a Miata too, what year is yours?"

me: (poker face)
Man I used to hate getting the Miata comment with my old S2000. Honestly have not gotten much comment other than some version of "nice car" with my 1er.

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