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Originally Posted by sean_b View Post
Has anyone installed these in their 1m?

BMW High Performance Light Bulbs 63212239799
Those are H7 bulbs as you probably know by now. I think Osram makes them for BMW. Osram sells the same thing under the name: Night Breaker. They put out 50% more light then regular H7 halogen bulbs.

Your car has Xenon bulbs. You can change the color temp... but the light output won't really change. There was a thread just a day or two ago where someone install xenon bulbs from his buddies MB that were 6K vs 4K(bmw oe) temps.

I would just make sure your headlights are aimed correctly. I use the old school method of aiming headlights... park next to garage wall(1foot away)... use some black electrical tape to mark the center hot spots of the headlights with an "+" then... back the car up two car lengths and make sure your headlights are still in the "cross hairs".

You can use a 6mm allen wrench to adjust the headlights. I think it even shows you in the owner manual how to do it.