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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Yes, all US spec 1M's come with AHL (adaptive head lights) with Xenon.
BUT... for the rest of the world... ECE(German spec models) for instance... halogens were standard. H7 lights with the brow LED. Then you could order Xenon's or Xenon's with AHL.
The way you can tell an AHL unit is the inner light is opaque and comes on
when the headlight switch is in AUTO mode and you turn the steering wheel. They act as cornering lamps in conjunction with the xenon lights that turn with the steering wheel angle.
In Belgium and Luxembourg the 1M came stock with Xenon headlights. Adaptive Headlights (AHL) ("Adaptive Light Control") were indeed optional (€420 option). Got all available bells 'n whistles, so AHL too.

2012 Manual: "Adaptive Light Control is a variable headlamp control system that enables better illumination of the road surface. Depending on the steering angle and other parameters, the light from the headlamp follows the course of the road. In tight curves such as on switchbacks or when turning, at speeds up to approx. 40 mph/70 km/h, an additional, cornering light is switched on that lights up the area inside the curve."

I don't know whether cornering lights also feature on headlights without the optional AHL feature. It's the lamp inside the second corona (inner side). I thought it was merely a feature to emphasize to oncoming traffic that you intend to turn, in addition to the blinker. However it seems that its main purpose consists of adding light to the dark side of your choice...

Just beware when you install LUX Angel Eyes that the ballast stays out of the turning range of the AHL, otherwise you might end up with a dreadful AHL failure (several casualties reported on this forum).
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