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Ok, so maybe I am thinking of the early 1M protypes that were running around with halogens.

So... all euro (ECE) 1M's came standard with Xenons. BUT... AHL 's were optional. That is why Andrea's Austrian spec 1M came with standard Xenons and not AHL units.

Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
German pricelists of 2011 and 2012 mention Xenons + jetwashers as standard on the 1M's sold in Germany, and adaptive headlights as optional (same applies to Belgium and Luxembourg) (

....As far as I know it was simply impossible to opt out of headlight jet washers ("Scheinwerfer-Waschanlage") for the 1M. I have not seen one single picture yet of a stock 1M without Xenons and jet washers. I guess that jet washers are mandatory with Xenons for safety reasons: Xenons automatically position themselves to avoid becoming a 'blinding' nuisance for oncoming traffic; however, a very dirty headlight cover might eventually 'divert' rays of light in a 'blinding' way, and car manufacturers are not allowed to assume that every car is regularly washed.

The High Beam Assist (HBA) messes up the OBC presentation: due to the place reserved for the HBA icon, mileage and odometer are no longer permanently shown on the second line when checking speed, range, average fuel consumption or average speed, regardless whether you activated HBA or not; quite annoying... (

Stratus650 's green/grey 1M from Dubia did not have headlight washers. He told me his dealer knew of the special delete code so he was able to order/delete the ugly headlight washers. I had just assumed his guys deleted it on his car when he had his car wrapped. But he told me the story of how he had the car built with the "delete" option box checked!

He also said his is the only 1M he has ever seen with them deleted from the factory. You can only delete them when the car is delivered to a non EU country and you do not take ED on said car.

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