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I am sorry to post my question in your tread but I am new member and not allowed to start another tread! When searching for E82 Frame Dimensions your tread popped up.
Here is my question:
I have been trying for a couple of days to get the E82 chassis frame dimensions without success. I need to check my frame/chassis for damage but canít find any info on my TIS.
E90 frame dimensions ok but not E82/E88. This is not about wheel base, front/rear track, and distance between the seats. I am talking about frame dimensions between provided locating points to check car frame is dimensionally correct and square or it needs repairs. Can anyone please help.
Maybe one of you guys can help post it as new tread.?

BTW - Totally agree the 135i needs more space under the front bumper for additional water or a larger oil cooler. The kit is interestingly priced as I need to replace the front of the car. If I will ever do it, this is the moment to do it ... I will email UK.