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Originally Posted by BI2016 View Post
Bmw86, I tend to get quite ancy with my cars and like to swap them around every 1-2 years... So the n54 135i had a 3/4 hitek exhaust with CSL tips...done here in sydney...with a cf diffuser, procede V4, afe cone intake and some non-rft ... was still a street car, so I didnt want to do the suspension. The M3 was a stock manual space grey coupe...but unfortunately someone smashed into it whilst parked in paddington, and it was a write off ! I took the payout and got a cheaper car...the 335i I found too boring, so opted with the 135i and dct...

Sorry for threadjacking your post guys!
I have never heard of that exhaust being used on an n54 135i before

Also, that is really unfortunate about the M3 but glad it worked out in the end and by the sounds of it, nobody was injured.

My advice would be to go for the 1M if you're not worried about coming out in the losing side in the changeover. If you think the 135i is good, the 1M is even better. Otherwise, you can add a few suspension parts (sway bars, coilovers, maybe lsd) and come out ahead in terms of bang for buck and have a decent handling car at the same time.

I would think the 1M still has a better suspension setup as it works in perfect harmony, better resale etc. It's been discussed many times before. Also keep in mind this is when it's pushed to the limit, which most people are not willing to do anyway as it's their daily driver and it takes a lot of talent to be able to drive that way.

You could drive the 135i for 1-2 years and upgrade to the M3/M4 when it comes out, that car will be a bigger engine with more potential, they are estimating 450hp stock so I'm expecting at least 520-550hp with just a tune, maybe close to 600hp FBO. Again, that will cost more $$$. The 1M is great value at 110k.