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Originally Posted by Haagen-Dazs View Post
I asked this because they don't have it on the website. I know the 20d has more than enough torque. Being european i'm very used to diesel cars, but what you should have done is a before and after video :P that way we could see the real diferance. I've been thinking of getting a 1 series, but the fact that the 20d didn't have a LSD and i thought there wasn't one on the market made me think of going to the 23d (which has something different and gives you the chance, if you wan't BMWP brakes, to have the rears in yellow).
I found that Birds Auto in the UK have a better feature for finding out what diffs are available than Quaife has on their site: Birds Auto

I regret not doing a before/after comparison! Could have helped explain, to those who don't know, what an LSD does But then again, most 1-series owners on this site will have experienced the dreaded "one wheel burnout" at some point That's what made me buy the Quaife!