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Originally Posted by zardoz View Post
can you explain order matches vs build matches?
Think of it this way:

Order Matches: Cars with the same window sticker (how you could order it)
Build Matches: Cars with the exact same factory build sheet

The biggest reason for the difference is that there were production changes across models in September 2011. (e.g. iPod/USB became 7H9 instead of 6FL)

Another inconsistency in the builds is that some cars got the cup holder (442) without having navigation which is something you could never actually order. There were a number of minor changes in the build sheets that were not indicative of how the car was ordered.

So I wanted to show how many cars matched based on the customer order vs. how BMW actually built it at the factory. Even though technically the US packages changed as of 09/2011 (Premium Package became Premium Package 2), there were not material differences in what came on the car so I left those grouped together.