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Originally Posted by JB4135 View Post
To be honest Steve I would be quite content with a nicely tuned N54 with RB's for a DD at 500whp. I feel as though anything beyond this reduces the daily pleasures of this car. But each to there own.

My car made 296rwkw and I was pretty happy until I removed all the mods and drove it stock and it was so much more enjoyable. Only problem was it was bloody slow.
I think too much power corrupts. It's so much fun when you can go flat through a corner and be right on the edge of the physical limits of the drive train / grip. I love how many tunes let you flip between power levels on the fly. To me, that's worth its weight in gold and I'll definitely chase that type of setup when I'm ready to choose my own tune.

There's a RB turbo 135i video on youtube I spotted a while ago. No race numbers, but it sounds loud as heck. Probably full cat delete + downpipes etc.