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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
FYI- Techron is approved by many Euro car makers including BMW. I doubt that it lowers octane as it's part of the additive package in Chevron pump fuels and purchased by other oil companies for their fuel additive. I have no info. on Liqui Moly.
All I know is... when I used it in my old 944 Turbo (chipped running 1.1bar boost) I could hear the engine ping as I rolled onto boost.

Also... when I used Techron in my old VW GTi and later GTi 16V (Golf II's) I would also get slight ping when I snapped the gas WOT. I just figured Techron must in some way lower the fuel octane. ???

All car had no ping when running only pump gas. Btw I was using Sunoco 94 at that time.