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That's a fair point, I think I didn't really explain myself that well. The simple reality is there is no "easy" way to get a 9" wide wheel and wide 255 tire on the front of a 1 series - it requires a perfect combination of offset, camber, roll stiffness, and ride height to make it work. Apex can't just make a wheel that would work because the wheel is such a small part of the whole solution.

There are lots of easy bolt on solutions for the front of a 1 series, they just are narrower wheels and smaller tires.

If they build a 17x9 +35 it would be a perfect bolt-on wheel for the front of our cars, but completely useless for the back, it absolutely couldn't work. For me personally, I would rather buy 4x 17x9 +50 and a set of spacers for the front and have the ability to rotate wheels, instead of 2x 17x9 +35 for the front and 2x 17x9 +50 for the back but maybe I am alone on this one.

This is my sentiment exactly
Exhaust, Flash tune, Suspension, LSD, Wheels/tires....
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You'll never regret pursuing what you really want....ever. You will, however, regret NOT doing things you wanted to do.