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Originally Posted by ///M1 View Post
I didn't weigh my Forge officially (have to check on their website if they do give out an actual weight). It was heavier than stock, but IMO not by 15lbs.

At the end of the day, just about any aftermarket FMIC would add weight, but marginal, so to me the benefits outweigh the cons. It's at a fairly low point in the car, so center of gravity isn't all that impacted, ditto for the weight distribution considering this is a 35-3600+lb car (with driver) after all.
It's an individual call if the benefits are worth the weight or not, but that's very nearly the last place you want to add weight.

The stock IC is 6.5 lbs.
Looks like Forge claims 16.5 lbs.
ETS is 15.6
Wagner ~20
Helix ~23 lbs (?)

For every ten pounds you add there you add 12 lbs to the front wheels and subtract 3 lbs from the back. Put another way, adding your Forge IC has more impact on your car's weight distribution as swapping your motor for the M3's V8. For a car that is already too nose heavy that's an issue- no it's not a huge change, but every little bit helps putting power down, etc.

In light of this, and the big differences between the brands weight, I personally feel pretty strongly that weight is a factor that need to be taken into consideration. But I autocross, I don't drag race.
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