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1M S65 swap. What would it take?

Its cold here in New England and Im not driving the 1M. So, I come here to get my fix. Sweet BSM pix by 'bmw13'. Track video from 'Blue55'. Thanks guys.

Also, I daydream of sweet S65 possibilities in the 1M- that glorious scream. I can only imagine what that engine would be like in a shorter wheelbase 1M. We've seen the Frankenstein from Egypt (1er converted to 1M with S65 - a drifting monster indeed). We've also seen the G-Power boosted S65 in the 1M. Wow! Not my taste, but wow. Those are the only two I know of
This thread is a thought exercise about what would it (really) take to transplant an S65 into the 1M?

The S65 motor itself
1) where to find one? for new
2) weight difference. Weight pretty close to N54, no? But the S65 is shorter and placed back more center. And what is the true weight difference taking into account ancillary coolers, turbos, etc of the N54.
2) cost used? Edit 1/12/12: looks like used S65 might be had for $8K-$10K, but depends on engine history

3) cost new? How would you even get new? Edit 1/12/12: has list price for S65

Realoem S65 from a E92 ("short engine")
01 Rmfd short engine S65B40A 1 11000442124 $23,885.95

6MT gearbox
01 Rmfd-6 speed gearbox GS6-53DZ - TJGC 1 23002283601 $4,468.06

4) B40 vs B44? Is B44 even attainable?

The N54
5) selling the N54: whats the market value of a slightly used N54?

Misc issues
6) wiring, coding, MDM, M-button
7) Brakes OK?
8) driving dynamics

The shop
9) what kinds of shops would do this work?

Justifcation: pros and cons
go ahead and write "why?", "its stupid", "pointless", "not what was intended for 1M" - but explain why

thanks for helping me through the winter doldrums
“Balancing this thing on the steering and throttle is pretty much the crack cocaine of the car world.”

Top Gear Magazine - Jason Barlow about the 1M

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