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Originally Posted by Plautos View Post
I have the Rogue kit... and Im not sure if I like it...

The kit does its job, very short shifts, but the shifts are now harder... to select the reverse even more harder, you need a strong wrist...

I don't know if the exchange of comfort to sportiveness worth in this case.

Or, Im really getting old!
I'd say this is a fair and honest opinion. 1M can be very mild at low speed around town and a gearbox that is easy to play with helps out.

The stock throws are pretty damn good (especially by stock E92 M3 and E46 M3 standards) with minimal effort and reassuring feel. I have yet to drive a better all around stock setup on the 1M aside from the new 991 Porsche. Looking to go for an SSK but do not want to ruin the simple yet effective stock shift setup. Hmm decisions..

EDIT: I don't want notch city