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Originally Posted by thl70 View Post
Can you elaborate on your experience with Weatherford? I am looking to order a 128 vert soon and am looking for a good dealer with a great service department. You would think with all the dealers in the Bay Area, that would create more competition, but I have not heard any good things about the service dept in any of the dealer around here. I still remember when I bought a Saab back in 2004, they bend over back wards to deal with ANY issues I had, which was soooooo refreshing after dealing with VW and Audi dealers for so many years.
The service department has made numerous mistakes and has always left my car with a dirty or oily interior, they don't put covers on the seats and don't wear gloves when working from the engine bay to the interior. I have had to clean my interior every time it has gone in for work, it is very disappointing and I have talked to them about it and gotten no results. The last time it was in they replaced a part that had a factory sticker on it and did not clean the sticky stuff off and it is visible from the cockpit of the car. I also found a screw in the carpet that leaves me wondering if they forgot to put one back after the repair. They just seem to struggle with cleanliness and detail.

I should add that Brian Stegner in the service department is a top notch guy and very customer centric. He is a straight shooter and a customer advocate. If you use Weatherford Service I think he is their best guy. Mike Fung their coordinator is also a great guy to deal with. The parts guys have always been top notch as well.

As to the sales department, Greg Lapierre the Used Car Manager seems like a straight shooter, is new and I would suspect is there to help turn their reputation around. I have not dealt with the new General Manager Joe Crow but I have been told he too is all about turning their reputation around.

Atilla the New Car Sales Manager in my opinion is not a customer centric Leader/Manager and does not consider customers of any great value after they pony up their money and drive off the lot. Atilla seems more like a tail light warranty kind of manager, you know the warranty expires once he sees your tail lights and has your money; he does not represent the dealership very well in my opinion and from what I have experienced and heard on the street is a big part of their problem. It has been my experience that Weatherford is a very welcoming dealership and talks the talk as it relates to customer care but Atilla is the last word in the sales department and does not talk the talk or walk the walk. A dealership is only as strong as it's leadership and Weatherford has a problem in Atilla.

With Greg and Joe and Brian all working to turn the dealership around Weatherford will certainly turn their reputation around in time.

Clearly they are successful as they are doing a huge expansion so they must be selling a bunch of cars. My experience has me wondering about their after the sale satisfaction and customer retention, particularly as it relates to sales support.

By the by I have heard some pretty good things about Sonnen in San Rafael, they have a sales guy there named Bruce who worked at Weatherford for years and moved to Sonnen for reasons he is to much of a gentleman to discuss.

Good luck to you.