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Originally Posted by Lester View Post
You have to do a window reset, it was posted on this forum a couple of weeks ago.

This procedure will reset the windows limits so that when you open the door the window will drop the 1/4 inch.

- Sit in the car, and put the key in position 1, so you have power to the windows.

- Push and hold down the window switch, and keep it held down for 5 seconds after the window is all the way down. This re-sets the memory, telling the motor, in effect, “Remember where we are now? ”

- Roll window back up, and release switch.

- Open door. Marvel at the downward motion of the window. Repeat on other side, if needed.
Les, my window goes down the 14 of inch and back up as it is supposed to. THe down button works....only happens intermittantly.

If someone takes the car in to the dealer, please let us know what the problem and the fix is.