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Originally Posted by TimMc View Post
I'll add you to the list if I don't use it. Should probably use Andrew's original list though too.
I actually think this kit may be much more beneficial to auto N54s than manual ones. As your oil temps aren't super high on track Vinney I'm guessing it's either the water or tranny fluid that's causing the limp. I believe the N54's auto is similar/same as an XR6/XR6 Turbo Falcon's? What do the guys who tune these turbo monsters do to negate overheating their autos/water?
I'm happy with that as I was the first one to call dibs in the for sale thread amd comtact Andrew. I didnt jump on it because he didnt verify what the hardware was and I assumed it was an oil cooler. If you don't want it I'll cover your costs plus more, that is if you decide to let it go