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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
Justin, whilst I welcome the idea of a completely new radiator that replaces the stock unit, I'm not a fan of the close mesh design as it has it's downsides for a daily driver. In my case, this is my daily driver, and the occasional weekend track car so definitely a no-go for me.

Also, as you have already stated, changing out the radiator will create the need to purchase a new FMIC (which I already have and am happy with) and purchase a stand alone trans cooler. I have no doubt this would be the ultimate solution but for most it could be an overkill. Plus it sounds like big $$$. The radiator alone is $1200 or so, plus needing the FMIC and trans cooler and installation, plus the wait time to develop the product, it's just not feasible at this stage.

If you could somehow replicate and improve upon BMW's design of incorporating a secondary radiator in the brake duct, I would think it would be priced more reasonably and it might be up to the task anyway. I would welcome this idea depending on price and design.

By the way, any updates on the progress of the stage 2 oil cooler? Any photos of it installed and photos of the bracket? I hope there are not any issues?
Hey Vinney,

with regards the "Close Mesh Core" option from PWR, we are yet to confirm that it does in fact have "downsides for a daily driver", it may end up being quite ok for the commute to work and an excellent upgrade, when the car is being raced at the track.

The complete custom cooling system Peter will do for his 335i is not something he is looking to market as a product. It will be done to his specifications and requirements and it will cost what it costs, without cutting any corners.

As such if there are no customers that are prepared to go down a similar road, I do not think he will lose any sleep over it.

Lastly the mounting brackets are being powder coated as we speak, pics of the complete Stage 2 kit in its full glory to come soon.



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