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ER Widebody, 1M panels in front, or skinnier tires


I have a problem. It's a rubbing problem. My front tires are once again rubbing on the inside of my front quarter panels. Instead of compromising and going with 235 wide fronts to eliminate the rub, I want wider front panels. Really I only need .5" to .75" per side of width to make the setup fit, which is why I'm leery about the ER kit (2.5" per side).

I'm aware that 1M panels on a non M car is aweful territory to be in, but if it's functional and I de-badge it, I see no issue with hating myself.

Apex Arc-8's
PSS 255/35-18 tires
Dinan Koni Shocks/ Dinan springs (about .5" drop) mounted to Vorshlag camber plates
M3 control arm and wishbones (everything fit perfectly before this, but I feel this is necessary)

The handling right now is amazing, but bumps on the highway are killing my tires and I fear if I get into a drift situation at an event and I have to correct I will be rubbing with my current setup.

Are there any options I missed? Feedback is appreciated.