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BMW 1 Series M Coupe... Now , I believe... Future of 1M (M2) and M Cars

  • Next generation 1M (based on F20 1-series) potentially renamed M2 because BMW considering renaming sporty 1-series variants (coupe/cabrio) to 2-series
  • Next 1M (or M2) and next M3 to possibly receive more focused special editions (i.e. track/lightweight special models)
    • Many feel that the M Division has become too focused with luxury and these additional 1M and M3's will set the bar for more focused compact and premium entry sports cars as well as their standard luxury siblings.
  • Next 1M (or M2) to be powered by 4-cylinder
  • Next M3 to be powered by 6-cylinder
  • Next 1M (or M2) could come in more variants - coupe and cabrio
  • M3 production ends in mid-late 2012 meaning no M3's until 2014
    • Possible Z4M or X3M to fill the temporary gap, using upgraded engine from 1M coupe

BMW 1 Series M Coupe...... Now,I believe....

When you look at the 1M Coupe you see actually a very outstanding car initially from the original proposal. Whilst it is true that the budget given to develop this car is actually a tiny fraction of M's Super Sedan the M5's massive budget.
For the amount of money and time they had for the 1M Coupe they have pulled off a masterstroke.

Going into initial proposals you have blank sheet of paper and split into two colulms , one for what you expect for an M car , The other in what to do to make it a great M car.
At the very beginning the proposal involved everything that makes a typical BMW M Coupe. Unfortunately everything that makes a great BMW M Coupe was not attainable due to the low budget. When you take into consideration of crash testing etc. Had the 1M be equipped with a standard carbon fibre roof it would not be heading to the USA as BMW would not have funded extra crash testing.

BMW did not want to fully commit seeing as the car has a relatively short production window. At first not everyone was convinced but now everybody is a believer.

Look at this car now and look at it closely. Because it is what is attainable ,when you have limited resources to work with.
It is also the appetizer , given the response to the car when it was undergoing development. The next generation 1er M Coupe or M2? has been given a much larger development budget so next time round , there is more freedom to progress ideas that could not be attained this time around, because of cost within the next car.

The next 1M (M2 - because BMW are looking at seperating the 1er family especially with the sporty variants such as Roadster , Coupe and Cabrio apart from the 1er expansion with 1er concepts such as GT , F.A.S.T. , CST.)

Will see a more direct response from M Division for more sporting concepts especially for the 1M successor and the next M3. BMW believe that the GTS has proved that there is a market for such concepts in a similar progression as the Porsche 911. Although BMW's would be more straightforward with familiar signatures with the standard car followed by a more track co-ordinated and lightweight special.

Many feel that the M Division has become too focused with luxury and these additional 1M and M3's will set the bar for more focused compact and premium entry sports cars as well as their standard luxury siblings.
The M5 will remain as the perfect synthesis between luxury and performance.

The new engines that will feature for the next 1M and M3 are already in development with the 1er resorting to a four cylinder and the M3 returning to six cylinders. What next for the 1M coupe leaves a few open possibilites.

BMW reckon a Cabrio edition would end E88 production although officially denied , unofficially they have built prototypes which if BMW sell every single unit of the Coupe and Cabrio they get back their return and then some.

The current issue of course is with the M3 which will end production in mid-late 2012 leaving BMW without a competitor in the Premium Entry sports car class , which will feature the Audi RS5 and Mercedes-Benz C-Coupe AMG. Discussion has resorted to considering a fixed roof Z4M or a X3M using the engine featured from the 1M Coupe in an upgraded capacity , to fill in for the M3 , until the next generation car arrives in early 2014. but not the M3's V8 - The V8 will die with the M3.
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...

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