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Originally Posted by hyphy1 View Post
I saw that you had the suspension kit as well. I heard those who switch the run-flats to nonrun-flats without a reasonable suspension kit, experience a "squishy" ride. whats your thoughts?
That could be true, but since I've always had the suspension, I don't have much basis for comparison. I can tell you that in no way does my car feel squishy at all. It's perfectly balanced now. Our cars are famous for suspension eliminated almost all understeer, but there were always other ride quality issues that I decided to just live with (Following grooves, feeling like a pogo stick over small dips, etc). I was thrilled when all of those issues went away after switching to the Super Sports. It was finally the car I wanted...I always knew tires mattered, just never realized how much with this car.

On the track (Lime Rock), I had to push it to the limit to even get the slightest bit of understeer. The Super Sports made an already great suspension even better. It just balanced out perfectly. I could get on the throttle out of corners and knew exactly what the car was going to do, I could feel subtleties in the cars handling that I couldn't feel before. I could brake deeper into the corners because I knew it wouldn't wiggle or get twitchy. I believe someone else mentioned that it's like "Unlocking" a hidden feature in your car...they're right.

Even if I didn't have the suspension, I'd rather have squishy and grippy vs. the other issues run-flats come with...but that's me, everyone is different I suppose.
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