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Originally Posted by MDORPHN View Post
I'm intrigued by it. Based on the little research I've done, it appears that this is the race version and that Lightweight also make a quieter street version with a resonator.

While I'm sure this one makes great sounds for the track, I'm concerned it would be too noisy for the street.


Hi Neil,

I ran this exhaust with catless downpipes and a stock mid-pipe. While sound quality and volume are somewhat subjective I never found this exhaust to be too noisy or found myself "babying" the throttle to avoid attracting undue attention. Also, If there was any drone or increase of whatever drone my stock 1M originally had, I never noticed it. Certainly NOTHING like a Meisterschaft exhaust in volume or drone.
This is what I loved about this exhaust: At normal driving speeds the sound is just a bit louder than stock (except on start-up) but with a much richer tone and deceleration burble. However, once you gun it and chase the redline it takes on a beautiful exotic-like tone that rises in pitch and volume with the RPMs. I think that unique quality has something to do with the higher resonating frequency of titanium as compared to steel.
Out of all the things that I will miss about my 1M I think that it's the glorious Ferrari-like sound it would make when rocketing to redline that I will miss the most.