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Got some turbosmart kompact diverters as a preemptive measure to avoid any boost leaks. Was battling some issues with the car. These have awesome fitment and are super high quality. The silicone hoses are preshaped to not put any stress on the stock flanges, unlike the forge ones.

Decided to go for DV and not the dual port ones with trumpets on them. Less hassle setting up spring tension. I did note that the 135i stock charge pipe has an awful elephants trumpet on it which interferes with fitment.

I ended up getting a spare 2008 335i charge pipe that does not have this feature. Much easier for maintenence and declutters that area of the engine. Contrary to popular belief, pre-2009 stock charge pipes are reliable and not prone to cracking. It is made from a stronger plastic with a rubber elbow that reduces stress on the flange that connects to the throttle body. The 2009+ charge pipes are made from 1 piece flexible plastic which is weak and prone to cracking. This car has been tuned for over 3 years now and no issues with the stock charge pipe.
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