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Got these 313s a couple weeks ago. These are quite a rare rim and these were the first set of 18" 313s I've ever seen for sale on ebay/gumtree. Most of the 313s ive seen are the 19" ones. Was never a fan of the 261s and most E82s I see driving around have them which make it a bit boring too.

These wheels have the same specs of the 261s, 18" ET49 front / ET52 rear

Took the opportunity to weigh these wheels comapred to the 261s:

I transferred my Yokohama AD08Rs tyres from the 261s to the 313s
261 Front 22.5 kg
261 Rear 24.5 kg

313 Front 21 kg
313 Rear 22.5 kg

2x 1.5 kg weight loss on the fronts
2x 2 kg weight less from the rears

Decent unsprung mass saving there, although I can't say I feel any real difference.
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