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135i Build - track toy with a license plate

Hi, name's Alex. Think this 135i marks my 14th car, so here we go.

I've built and sold a lot of cars, and this time I'm building one to keep. I most recently had an E90 335i, which was an awesome street car, but its weight, extra doors, ease of stability and lack of rawness / aggression, left me wanting something else and missing my old cars. At 3680lbs with me in it, I dreaded the thought of gutting it for track use, so I sold it to an awesome new owner who will enjoy keeping it a street car.

I thought of buying a multitude of cars, from a high mileage s52 M Coupe, e36 M3s, another e46 (had a turbo one, miss it dearly), an e92 M, a Cayman S -- you name it. Then I found this pristine 2009 135i, M Sport with black headliner, white and optioned just as I'd wished, 6 speed and no nav, with only 60k on it, one owner and in need of NOTHING. Sold!

Goal for this build is a 3000lb, 500+whp, CSL/GTS-inspired track toy that can still be driven on the street.

The day I got it:

So, onto the build.

For now, I'm sticking with the stock turbos, since I just had them replaced at the end of their warranty with brand new, OEM units. To aid in their longevity and help in giving a little bit more top-end power, I decided to give some stock-location inlets a try. Once these turbos quit, I'll likely go with a MOTIV single kit and a small-ish turbo, since my horsepower goals are modest and I'd like to a) keep the motor healthy and b) not deal with port injection or other fueling woes. I'll be at the mercy of the factory HPFP and an upgraded LPFP until a better solution becomes available. If anyone thinks I should just go with upgraded twins because of my horsepower goals, I'd honestly be more interested in sitting in a pool of acid. Between the drama, unreliability, added heat, annoyance of install / maintenance and lack of a proper, proven manufacturer like Garrett, Precision, etc... No thanks!
  • MHD custom tuned by MOTIV
  • VRSF 7.5" Race Intercooler
  • VRSF Stock-Location silicone inlets
  • VRSF Charge Pipe with TiAL BOV, 10psi spring
  • VRSF catless downpipes
  • Berk midpipes and race axle back

My favorite part. Just want to thank Harold from HP for always answering my questions and generally being such a pleasant dude to deal with.
  • KW Clubsport dampers
  • Vorshlag Camber Plates
  • Swift springs, 7" 6k front/ 8" 12k rear w/ helper
  • HPA machined front lower perches
  • HPA rear perches/height adjusters with BMW thrust bearings and Swift thrust washers
  • HPA modified center support for M3 strut tower brace
  • BimmerWorld adjustable rear camber and toe arms
  • BimmerWorld Precision front control arm bearings
  • BimmerWorld rear camber (spring) arm bearings
  • M3 Front sway bar
  • M3 steering rack (12.5:1 vs 16:1)
  • PowerFlex "track" front/rear subframe bushings
  • PowerFlex "track" front/rear diff bushings
  • PowerFlex "track" rear upper strut bushings
  • PowerFlex "track" sway bar bushings
  • AKG rear lower shock mounts

A few days after I got it...

Stock clutch and flywheel for now, and to be honest, I much prefer the behavior of the car with the factory DMFW over a single mass, like the MFactory unit I had in my E90. While NVH is a guaranteed increase on a track-spec vehicle, I'm trying to be mindful (at first) not to create it gratuitously. Some of my choices in parts here are reflected in this approach, such as the motor and trans mounts not being bowling-ball spec 75d poly.
  • Wavetrac LSD with shorter 3.46 gearing, built by Dan @ Diffsonline
  • AKG 95A motor mounts
  • AKG E20 trans mounts with aluminum cups
  • AKG shifter and selector rod

Fun stuff with the N54! I'll be running a CSF Radiator, again, because it is bulletproof and keeps temps in check, regardless of oil temps or IATs. Seriously amazed by this piece and have never run a better radiator. Oil cooling needs a bit trickier on this car, as you all know, so...

Custom built dual oil cooler setup, to run in sequence. Basically two SETRAB cores, a MOTIV thermo delete plate with -10an fittings, an EARL'S 185* remote thermostat and the associated braided lines and fittings. I'll mount one in front of each front tire and figure out the mounts when I get there. I couldn't justify the cost of the ER kit, especially with it not including a remote thermostat. This should keep temps in control and I'm in it for less than $850.

  • StopTech Trophy Sport, ST60 6-piston front on 355mm slotted rotors
  • StopTech Trophy Sport, ST40 4-piston rear on 345mm slotted rotors
  • StopTech sport pads for the street and StopTech SR33 track pads for the track

Interior Plans:

  • Recaro Pole Positions in black leather
  • Macht Schnell floor mounts
  • VAC extinguisher mount
  • BMW M Performance alcantera wheel
  • Custom harness / roll bar, powdercoated white
  • Rear seat delete, blockoff plate, carpeted bench
  • Braille 6.2lb G30 Lithium Ion Battery

Wheels & Tires
Shame there aren't more wheel and tire options for this awkwardly proportioned little car. I really didn't want to run a staggered setup because a) more understeer and b) no tire rotations c) with aggressive camber, the "proven" setups generally look wimpy, and I'd be lying if I said I only cared about lap times. It should look the part too.
  • APEX ARC-8 18x9 +42 square
  • Nexen N Fera SUR4G tires, 255/35/18 (just about the same width as a 265/35 RE71R, they run WIDE)
  • 5mm spacer up front, but I could get away with a 3mm. This is due to my current right height and spring length, as my front lower perch is still just above the top of the tire.
  • Macht Schnell 75mm stud conversion

Current camber specs are -3.25 front and -2.5 rear. I'm going to pull some more camber out of the front, probably closer to -3.4, and go for -2.75 out back for some added clearance and stability. Rear fenders are cut internally, but it's still too close for comfort. Front fenders will be rolled, massaged and pulled, along with the bumper where possible. So far, the rubbing isn't THAT bad, and seems easily fixable without going nuts.

Exterior: Goal is to eventually do a 1M conversion, because none of the other options look good in my opinion. I might consider 1M front with N5 Tuner rear, but every time I see a front 3/4 angle with those rear fenders, I lose interest.
Will likely do a carbon hood, carbon roof and some AERO bits from APR with a proper front splitter and rear spoiler. This is way down the road.

Well, shit, I guess that about covers it for now. Much of this has yet to be delivered or installed, so I'll update when I can. Till then, I'm prepping and aiming to make it to GTA Super Lap Battle on Nov 9th at Button Willow. We'll see how we do.



- CES Motorsports Single Turbo kit with Garrett GTX3076R Gen 2, t4 divided 1.06a/r
- Tuned by Ken @WedgePerformance with MHD
- GFB G-Force 3 electronic boost controller with 4-port MAC solenoid
- Fuel-it! Stage 2 bucket with upgraded lines and ethanol content anlayzer
- VTT Billet Valve Cover with dual catch can setup, head ports plugged, fully external PCV
- 3.5bar tmap

- SPEC stage 3+ clutch with billet steel flywheel
- AKG DTM shifter with DSSR
- AKG 95a motor mounts
- AKG e21 trans mounts with isolating cups
- Wavetrac LSD with 3.46 FD built by Diffsonline

Brakes / Wheels / Tires
- StopTech Trophy BBK front & rear
- StopTech SR33 pads
- Castrol SRF fluid
- Titan 7 TS-5 18x10 +25 forged wheels
- Fikse Profil-10 18x10 +19 3pc wheels
- Nexen Sur4G 275/35/18 front and rear
- Motorsport Hardware stud conversion and Titan lug nuts

- CSF radiator
- CSF intercooler
- Twin Setrab 19-row oil coolers, custom lines, mounts, Motiv thermostat delete
- Trackspec hood vent

- MCS 2-way coilovers with Eibach Springs and true rear conversion
- Vorshlag camber plates
- SPL Front lower control arms
- BimmerWorld precision front upper control arm bearing kit
- BimmerWorld rear spring arm bearing kit
- BimmerWorld adjustable rear camber and toe arms
- M rear guide rods
- PowerFlex Black Track bushings for rear subframe & diff

- Anti Gravity Batteries ATX30-HD lithium ion battery. Weighs 8lbs, holds a charge for over a month, has a bluethooth adapter to check charge and condition. The single best dollar per pound weight reduction you can do.
- Recaro Pole Positions
- OMP Superleggera steering wheel and OMP 6pt harnesses
- Macht Schnell floor mounts
- Custom rear seat delete and custom roll bar by Ed @ Mobile Weld Specialist
- OEM 1M slicktop headliner
- Coby Wheel alcantera wrapped dash trim, door handles, shifter and e-brake boot

- OEM 1M front & rear bumpers, front fenders, rear quarters, sideskirts
- IND Distribution / RKP Carbon Roof
- APR 135i-spec rear wing and custom front splitter
- Chassis mount splitter brackets and support by Ken Suen (@bigredksr on IG)
- Vicrez front lip and rear diffuser (I don't recommend this rear diffuser unless you just care about looks. It creates a parachute effect at the rear. Will be swapping it for an OEM 1M rear diffuser.)
- Seibon Carbon hood & trunk

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