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Originally Posted by houtan View Post
Thanks for the reply. You use a cut of wheel to cut the lip? I am seriously thinking about trimming the rear fender lip. I am running 275/35 on arc 8s et62 with a 3mm spacer and just realized the tire is rubbing on the front upper part of the inner fender liner. 5mm spacer would do the trick but I get minor rubbing on the fender lip. Was going to use an angle grinder but now Iím thinking that is more work than cutting wheel.
More spacer would only make your problem worse.
That wheel should fit without an issue, didn't know you needed spacers for it, as they're pretty conservative. What kind of camber are you running out back?
I used a cut off wheel and then smoothed it out. Plenty of DIYs floating around, and doesn't need to be vehicle specific.