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Originally Posted by houtan View Post
I think you misunderstood what I was saying. Currently, the inside part of the tire rubs the fender liner. So pushing it out would give me more inner clearance, but then I will start rubbing the fender lip. So I am thinking of cutting the fender lip like you have.

I have to dig up my last alignment sheet, but I am pretty sure it was within stock specs at 1.8 degrees. The et62 arc 8 has always been tight on the inner side with 275s, that is why apex doesn't even recommend it. I never had any rubbing on the inner fender liner with my bilstein/swift spec R combo. But with my TC kline M3 shocks and Dinan rear shock bushings, it rubs rarely on very big bumps at high speed, so very rarely. But it's often enough that the liner has rubbed through. Not sure if the TC/Dinan bushings have more travel or it's something else.
Definitely misunderstood you, you're right.
Anyway, sure, cut that lip off the inside of the fender and call it a day. You'll never have to worry about it again.
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