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Do you have sponsor help? I know you're close with the Hoonigan crew but this is real close to 20k in parts alone lol

I think I'm crazy with the amount of shit I buy for my car but you went all out from day #1... Pretty jealous, this is pretty much as good as it gets for an E82 chassis
Never ran the car on stock brakes or ran the car period. This was the very first shakedown, as I've only had the car for 3 months and the subframe was out just 2 days before the race. I've never driven Buttonwillow before either, so I'd say sub-2 is around the corner and I'll do it without aero.

My plan was to always go all out from day 1, as I don't usually have the time to dedicate to the car and it's too big a distraction for me.

I had some parts left over from my E90 build, and some great relationships with multiple brands and partners for the build. So, no, I didn't drop $20k into this thing. Wouldn't get caught up on the parts though, our builds are nearly identical from a parts perspective, so I'm sure your car has a 2-minute lap in it. Go get it!
Yeah they're very similar builds besides dampers and aero. I saw that one Hoonigan video of your 335 at Laguna, how much better is the 135 on track?

I have an E90 and somewhat considered swapping my parts over to it because the M3 aero body parts swap over so easy but I would gain some weight. Im sure the longer wheel base is helpful.
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