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Originally Posted by mfindigital View Post
I know, search search search, but there is so much conflicting information. I have done a ton of research and just have a few questions.

The 135i I found has 39k miles, is being sold at bmw but is too old for CPO. They want 4300 for a powertrain warranty up to 120k miles (insane), so that's probably a no go. I have heard the DCT transmission is essentially bulletproof at stock power levels, other say it's a major point of concern for wear and tear. I also read that is can cost 14,000 to replace that transmission if it goes out, but also heard about 4k if it goes out.

Essentially my question is this: Are the DCT transmissions at least AS reliable as a standard manual transmission. I'd love a manual, but these cars are extremely difficult to track down period, moreso for a manual, and I have a 20 mile commute in heavy traffic in Santa Monica, so DCT seems like a great compromise.

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps! Really looking forward to becoming an owner of one of these great cars.
Picked up mine in August. 2011 DCT N55, too old to CPO.

Signed up for the 60m/60k miles warranty that covers basically everything that could go wrong with the engine or electrical for roughly 4K.

Peace of mind sometimes is priceless.
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