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Aussie 1M Conversion Build Log

Well after months, probably 12 of deliberation, calculations, quotes, notes and spreadsheets I have finally pulled the pin on converting my 08 135i manual to 1M bodywork. Parts have been ordered with ECS Tuning, a body shop has been lined up, the only things left to do will be organising exhaust and wheels. I have an exhaust shop and rims in mind.

Given the massive difference in freight costs, I have decided to go down the fabricated rear guards route. This will save nearly $4,000 in parts and freight alone. I am also not doing the battery conversion and will get a custom exhaust done instead.

Why is often the question but put simply I own my current car, happy with the performance but want to customize; 1Mís are going up in price and I cannot quite afford nor want to borrow for one; 135i prices are going through the floor and they appear hard to move, trade in quotes are crap (last trade price I got was $7,500 on a 1M) so the conversion option is now way more affordable; my car already has a range of BMW Performance gear on it and I know its history.

I also live in SA so little dealer choice plus additional costs buying interstate, and I will save on stamp duty if I need to fatten my budget a little.

Car as it is now, I will update as parts arrive and things start to happen.
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