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Originally Posted by Odyssey View Post
With the standard 135i hubs the 10" ET25 rear is effectively ET15 and will be a good fit. 3mm more clearance on the outer edge than my 19x11 with the hub mod.
That front fitment is fine. Sorry about the dirt...

The rear hub mod uses some specific 130i parts to match the 1M hub position but allow use of the 135i rear brakes.
Brake discs:
34216795755 slotted
34216787931 plain
Both are expensive and take a while to get so I used some aftermarket ones from Germany.


Wheel bearings need to be replaced as part of the swap 33-41-6-775-842-M842

ECS sell a kit: ECS Hub Kit

It's a bastard of a job or up to $1k labour so only really worth it if you want full compatibility with 1m / M3 wheels. I'm a bit annoyed that I bothered since now I'm swapping it all out but I wasn't 100% certain I was doing the S65 swap at the time. Hopefully someone else can use them...

Not to cut on this thread, is there a build thread going up for your car?