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Originally Posted by Gray_Panther View Post
Do you drive with the xenons on during the day (i.e. daytime running lights or leaving it on auto mode)

When I retrofitted HID's into my GTI in 2007, I remember during my research that the ballasts can last for as long as about 3500+ hours (IIRC)....the bulbs should last longer.

Are they still the original color or are they more blue and getting more that on that end of the color spectrum.

I do not believe it to be a problem with the ballast, meaning if it burns out your lights won't come on from the regulator not stepping up the voltage to ignite the bulbs. But it could very well be the HID bulbs themselves.
Just put them on Auto all the time. To be honest I forgot what the original color is LOL. Are there any guidelines when they are suppose to be replaced? or is it just when they go out?