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Morgan, I live in Chile like yourself, in Santiago. I understand you are close to 2000 km. service like me. Well, if u noticed my previous and various posts or threads about BMW Chile or WBM, just be careful with these guys, I am almost thinking giving up my warranty advantages and doing everything myself or in a workshop just to have more control about what is going on. They just don't know nothing about this car, they are always too busy and worse they pretend that they know everything better than us.

But if you go with them please post or PM me about what actually happened. You are the first other 1M owner that I noticed in this Forum who is from Chile and I see that you are a member since 2008, so maybe you also have much more experience in Chile than I do. If you PM me we can also meet sometime and share our experiences, I would like that as well.

Dackel's key point is something I was already trying to figure out, the type of fuel here, is it with high or low sulfur, I couldn't confirm it yet, I hope you have better contacts and you can tell me. And lastly Chile is similar but also a bit cooler than CA averages, you have quite real winters here and sharp differences in temperature season wise or day to night, so unless you will be tracking this car frequently (where you can do that I don't know!) I would go with number 1 choice for our cars, the 5W 30 oil instead of 0W 40.