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Originally Posted by LeMansM5 View Post
Agree with sorting by country. But I am not sure we can go by far left column #. I exported to Excel and filtered by USA only. The number in column A(far left column) is in 200+ where the actual count of my car is below 140(in VIN order).
It may be a good idea to add another column on spreadsheet showing # out of 220 or 740. Otherwise there will be two people ordering sticker for same number(depending on how they count).
I just sorted by US only and the left column shows 1-740, and all the VIN #'s are in order. I'm not sure how you are sorting after your export/import on your end, but if you stick with the Google spreadsheet it works fine. It's just the first dozen or do members like I said that are not 100% certain because they mixed in with the Press/Racing/Preproduction cars not included in the 740....

What is you last 5 VIN?